This dog is driving me nuts!

She’s pacing around and groaning. We’ve already been outside to potty twice making sure to cover all the “bases.” Hubs and my other dog really didn’t leave much room for her on the couch. I think she wants to go back to bed. Hold while I investigate this notion. Nah, she just wanted her rawhide. (Don’t lecture me on rawhide. It’s the only thing that keeps her busy.)

So today, I get to look for jeans.img_4850 I’m sure I’ve mentioned before that I keep gaining weight. Well, I’m anticipating this will be a fun day. I really don’t want to spend a small fortune on jeans especially since I don’t anticipate being this size forever, so I’m going to check Walmart first. I have coupons and gift cards for other stores, but like I said, I don’t want to spend the dough. Plus, I have a $159 root canal on Tuesday to think about. Yes, my root canal is only $159. I don’t want to talk about a crown. Hopefully, I won’t need one but I kinda find that impossible.

Back to the dog, I had to put a blanket for her on the chaise in order to get her to sit down. She made 4 circles with her rawhide in her mouth before she settled in.

I checked out Macy’s website just now and they have some affordable styles. That’ll be a good back up. Next up…BRAS!

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  1. Walmart for Jeans. I got Levi’s there for around 20 bucks since my size ranges from a 10 right now to an 18 hopefully not again soon. For bras I do Walmart or Target. I am in the same boat my love. Not doing too well lately but I digress. I do want you to know that while you are always on my mind and in my heart it was especially so yesterday when I was watching a where are they now 80’s edition and they were talking about “The Hoff”. Lol Good luck today and don’t let it get you down. You are beautiful inside and out. I love you my friend!!

  2. Dogs are here to test us. Bahahaha

  3. I did end up going to Walmart and got two pairs: an average to wear with heels and petite for flats. Little did I realize, the petite are long enough for heels! Oh well. Luckily, I saved some jeans from smaller sizes so when I decide to get my shite together, I won’t have to buy new although I’m sure I’ll want to!

    Dogs are worth every second of it though!

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