Sunshine on my shoulder…

…makes me happy (except when it’s +90 and then I’ll enjoy it from inside)

I’m still coming off of Saturday’s post so I’m going to keep it lighthearted today.

I received some sad news yesterday. It was in the form of an email. My psychiatrist sent out correspondence that as of August 31, 2016, he will be retiring and will no longer be treating outpatients. I knew this day would come. He’s not exactly a spring chicken, you know. It took me a very long, hard journey to connect with him. Many lies were told, dollars spent, trusts broken and feelings hurt in my search for him. He knows exactly how to tweak my cocktail to make it swirl just right. I’m not going to lie. I cried a little. I stopped the movie we were watching just so I could air out my fears. So when you google “the best psychiatrist in Pittsburgh” you get all these docs from Western Psychiatric Hospital which is affiliated with UPMC (University of Pittsburgh Medical Center). That’s fine and dandy except they don’t have any openings. NONE! So, what’s a crazy girl to do, you ask? Well, my plan is to contact my PCP and see if they can refer anyone. I have two names picked out ( near my house) that I’m going to run by my current/retiring doc and my PCP. By golly, good help is hard to find.


Migraines. Headache, vomiting, sensitivity to light and sound, nausea. I experienced all of these things yesterday. I’m pretty sure it’s a side effect of methotrexate since I’ve had 3 in the 5 weeks that I’d been taking it. I still have a residual headache over the right eye today. I’m quitting it. I can’t do that anymore. Even if it’s not that pill, that pill doesn’t allow me to take any NSAIDs with it since they’ll destroy my already compromised liver. So it’s not like I can just take Ibuprofen or Excedrin to treat the monster anyway.

This is how you properly kill a chicken for chicken tacos!

I’m being rushed through this since someone is starving. I guess it is about dinner time. Tacos for dinner. I hate homemade tacos. I’m going wash some cherries and maybe bake a cake. Not that you wanted to know all that. This is huge that I didn’t come home and take a nap especially since I do have a headache. (Yes, I’m gonna play that card.) I have a tendency to oversleep, so like I said, this is huge that I’m awake and functioning.

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  1. So proud of you!

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