Sunday Lately week 103

I really enjoy these Sunday Lately writing prompts from Blogger Tribe.

Week 103 of Dec 18, 2016 :: Creating, Finding, Switching, Forgetting, Craving.

Creating: I’m creating bad habits of not cleaning my house. Don’t even ask me about organization for there is none. Lack of cleanliness and organization does not make for an easy Christmas wrapping experience. Guess what I’m doing today.

Finding: I’m finding that I can no longer eat fast food or dairy. I’ve been getting tremendously ill. Ugh. I feel so gross.

So, lack of energy to clean and cook = LAZINESS!

Switching: I keep contemplating switching careers, ahem, I mean daydreaming about it. I wouldn’t even know where to start. The major problems are that I’d have to take a pay cut AND I absolutely have to have health insurance. This smells like a New Year’s Resolution.

Forgetting: I keep forgetting that I need to “dissolve” my mustache and dye my roots and get my hair cut. Essentially, I’d like to strip this espresso from my hair and go dark red; however, I’m not ready to dish out the sea shells.

Craving: I’m craving State College family time. It’s been so long since we’ve visited out-of-town friends. I miss them all so much! Plus, the dynamic is changing…no, evolving and growing. Exciting things are brewing and I’d like to get in a visit soon!



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  1. I’ve found that dairy and fried food give me digestive issues in adulthood, probably because of the butter/fats in the fried food. I switched to Lactaid milk, but I’ve pretty much given up on ice cream and milkshakes unless I’m willing to pop pills or go straight home afterwards.

    I learned that lactose intolerance in adulthood is most prevalent in people of East Asian descent, so I guess I can blame my genes!

    1. I love ice cream, especially Wendy’s Frostys. I always get sick. I always forget that I have issues with lactose until after I’ve consumed it once again. I’ll have to look into the OTCs.

  2. I’m pretty sure I’ve been busy since August. We’ve had big projects that have never been in our lives before…and so housecleaning and cooking are practically a thing of the past. It’s been bad and I’m hoping the lull that usually happens in January will help get us back on track. Cross all your fingers and toes for me.

    I guess I’m only sharing this to let you know that you’re not alone, haha. We’ve all had a down period lately, it seems.

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