Once upon a time…

I could love myself


buffalo ranch fries
pepperoni rolls










I lost 3.2lbs (puts me at 215), so I celebrated with a pepperoni roll and buffalo ranch fries, oh and two cokes. My sense of self is so distorted. I left the house last night feeling good about myself then came home feeling like a sack of potatoes. My energy levels are plummeting. BUT, I’m determined to make this second half of the year count for something. I decided that I can’t sit around and feel sorry for myself and continue to self-hate if I’m not at least making an effort to lose weight, fight frizz, fight oily skin, fight off sunburns, get well, stay well or be happy.

Problem is, I Iike food. I eat it when I’m sad, happy, bored and for survival. It comforts me. Surprisingly, I do prefer strawberries to french fries, but french fries are just cheaper and more convenient. Eating healthy is costly and takes a lot of energy. I have to be better. I’ve gotten very lucky since there is diabetes in my lineage…my blood work is phenomenal, except my sodium is a little high. I know that just by the way my fingers swell and I take a salt (Lithium) as a mood stabilizer. They look like raw sausages. Blech


My goals for today and tomorrow is to:

  • Make a plan – prepare a menu and a grocery list
  • Dust off the elliptical – start at 10-15 minutes
  • Burn off some steam – walk the dog
  • Read – check out Shape & Women’s Health mags for motivation and inspiration
  • Check in to Just Keep Going with La for even more motivation!











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  1. You go girl!! You have got this!!! Love you!!

    1. Thanks boo! I just figured out how to link in my posts. You’ll have to check out the post again.

  2. Little victories count.

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