Oh my God, today is Sunday!

Sucks when you realize you lost a day to working and napping.

So I met my new psychiatrist. I was early for my appointment to accommodate the filling out of paperwork. My beloved gave me a list of “key dates” in order to help my new team access important records rather than sifting through hundreds of records. The new office rejected my list and I about had it. I started to cry uncontrollably. Hubs, who went with me, jumped up to comfort me, but the tears would just not stop. After that point, I cried and bawled and whimpered the entire time I was there. I was most definitely in mourning. So I met my new psychiatrist. He’s just like any other old man doctor. He seemed to be a little weirded out that I was crying. Which is weird in itself. Part of me is afraid he’s going to want to do ECT (electroconvulsive therapy – shock therapy as we know it). He does quite a few of them and at my place of work to boot! I could just be freaking out though which is more likely the case.

IMG_4734The air conditioner bit it on a day it was 90+ degrees. My money is tied up in many other things that were previously planned, so we decided since September begins just this week, we’ll wait it out until next year. I was so miserable trying to sleep last night. We had a large and a small fan running. It’s disgusting in here. Furthermore, it’s supposed to be in the mid to high 80s this week. So the windows are open. You know what that means? That means the dogs are going to bark at E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G! Ugh.

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