Let’s get physical, physical…

I wanna get physical

I really have to lose weight. My dad and my paternal grandma both had Type II Diabetes. I’ve been experiencing foot pain thinking it’s mermetalowlely plantar fasciitis, but then I saw a commercial for diabetic nerve pain in the feet. Uh oh! Now I’m concerned. I need to call the doctor anyway for sore back, shoulders and neck when I’m doing my repetitive job.

I really, really have to lose weight. I picked out 5 items of clothing at Target that were $10 or less. I swear Target has the worst lighting. I walked out
with nothing. I should’ve known better about the jeans. Their jeans just don’t fit right, even when I was thinner. I ate my last Snickers ice cream bar today. I packed a breakfast and lunch yesterday, so as not to eat anything fried at work.

Did I say that I need to lose weight? I have so many resources. I get Shape and Women’s Health magazine along with Eating Well. I was thin my whole life up until a few years ago. I’ve been maintaining the 2-tens for quite some time now. I’m embarrassed to go anywhere where I might run into someone I know. I just feel bad.

I thought purchasing the Fit Bit would motivate me. Yeah, that didn’t go as planned. Hubs mentioned getting McDonalds for dinner tonight. Gross. I don’t think I can eat that garbage again, but I don’t know what else to do. And, it always makes me ill. The only food I have is processed frozen foods like Gorton’s fish stuff. I should’ve stopped at the store and bought some meat. Maybe I’ll go do that.

If anyone has nutrition or exercise ideas, please comment them below.

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  1. You know I have got you in this one sweetie. There are so many easy options. I will get it together for you. Sorry I am so behind. Catching up on posts now! You are amazing as always!!!

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