Let’s get black out drunk on a Wednesday.

Sometimes people put you in a tough spot, an uncomfortable spot where you’re expected to lie. This past week, I was put in one of those exact situations. I had to leave work for a “family emergency” after only being there for an hour. I had taken a phone call from the police department in front of three of my coworkers, so there was no lying to them. I had to pick up a drunken family member that had been taken in for “shoving someone” at his hotel in the wee hours of Thursday morning. Upon ending the call from the police department, I was shaking, my face was deep red and I felt sick to my stomach. The awkwardness of his “I don’t even know what happened” ride back to my house where he was going to sober up wasn’t all that comfortable either. His story just didn’t sound right, the pieces didn’t fit. Lies. I’m expected to not speak a word of this to his wife who happens to be one of my best friends. I was put in a tight spot and I don’t appreciate it.

I didn’t return to work until 12:30pm and only worked until 4:30pm to avoid a call-off. When I did return, I had never been so embarrassed although I wasn’t the one at fault. My coworkers respected my privacy and did not push for information. God bless them! My parting words to his thank you were, “I’d say anytime but that’s not the case.”

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  1. Yikes. Sounds like a not so fun time. Being black out drunk and cops don’t mix. Hate you had to deal with it.

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