In a daze cuz I found God

I’ve desperately have fallen behind in the blogging department. I’ve noticed that I only tend to blog when I have some sort of drama. That’s no fun! Hubs pays for my domain and web hosting. Maybe I should find a niche and get to it! So, here I am to rant and rave about absolutely nothing at all:

Wine. I love wine, mostly just the white stuff but I’m starting to dabble with the reds. I picked this one because it was on sale and I enjoy a good Pinot Grigio. I prefer Sauvignon Blanc but sometimes any kinda booze will do. I’m officially on vacation, well actually it was at 2:01pm today, but a nap and dishwashing had to take place prior to official-aka-wine drinking vacation time. So I’m going to sit here, sip my wine, listen to the Silverchair station on Pandora )which is effing awesome) and blog while my brakes get changed. Tomorrow, me and hubs will venture out to our local amusement park where I intend to scream my little heart out and have the best time.

I’m not sure how he does it, but my man can┬ámake any plant flourish. These succulents were itty bitty babies and now they’re growing upwards and outwards of their pot. He has a very green thumb! Mad props go out to my other half!






That’s my old man’s paw, obvs. I had wanted to get a tattoo of his paw print, but now that I have four fur babies, it seems to be a bit too much. Maybe, I’ll just get small sections of canvas and do a “paint print” for each of them and the thems that will follow. Let’s get morbid for a minute. *sorry* Each of my animals will be cremated and I’d like them to be combined with me whether they are to be put into my casket or combined with my ashes. Yikes. That’s a bit much. *sorry*




I’ve been psychotic lately, really just crazy hormonal. You know, when you want to bite everyone’s heads off. I’m not feeling like myself. It’s starting to interfere with my life. Thankfully, I’m starting a new pack of birth control here in a minute. That’ll clear this shit up real quick.

I’m in search of my niche. I like blogging but to keep you entertained is something entirely different. Imma keep looking’ internally. Health, happiness and kisses to all of you!

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  1. I’d get a paw print of dogs and cats. You love them both.

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