I think you already know how far I’d go…

IMG_2546The last few days I haven’t been feeling well. I spent my Saturday night drinking with good friends. I had a great time! Being bipolar, excuse me, having bipolar disorder (the trick is to not let it define who you are), you ave to watch the stuff you put into your body. For instance, alcohol is a depressant. So, not only does it interfere with my mood stabilizers but also with my antidepressants. Naturally, I’m going to become depressed after imbibing. I spent 5 days this week trying to recoup from a night of fun. I was down in the dumps, for reals. I’m just lucky it started to lift on Friday. It also helps to fake-it-til-you-make-it. I put on a cheery face and tried to interact as if it were any other normal day. And it worked!

Disclaimer: There wasn’t any peer pressure involved. I chose to consume beers on my own accord. Furthermore, I don’t do drugs other than the ones I’m prescribed. I’m sure that’d be twice as messy.

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