I love you so much…

…it hurts me.

4kidsI love them. They are my heart, soul, happiness and all the warm and fuzzy stuff in between. I’d go nuts without them. I’m sure you’re feeling me on this one. My pups recognize when I’m depressed. They stick by me and I receive lots and lots of nudges and kisses. It’s very touching. My cats, eh, not so much, but then again, they’re cats, so I’m the asshole for expecting any different.

I feel sad today. I’m not sure if it’s because I started the day off listening to the Patsy Cline station on Pandora or because this week of torture (at work) is almost over. Today is my last day to work this week and you know what they say about things that are last…that’s when the best things are saved for. That’s sarcasm, kids. Today’s going to be shit. The exhaustion is almost unbearable. My feet hurt and my neck and across my shoulders are sore. Ugh. I’m determined to walk into that lab with my head held high and save all aggression for upper management or hubs. Hopefully, an early Saturday phone call with mama will help absolve these feelings of sadness and despair.



Q: If you could take a pill and eat food all day without absorbing calories or nutrition, would you? If so, is there any particular food you’d gorge on?

Abso-freaking-lutely! I’d gorge myself on bacon cheddar burgers, ice cream, omelets, cake/cupcakes, hmmmm what else, all kinds of candy and that’s just breakfast!

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