Good day, Sunshine!

owl-2aviaryMy last blog was on July 29th. So, it’s been, what, a week since then and I feel FANTASTIC! I was already very sad and then news of a family crisis doubled me down into deep, mascara-all-over-my-face despair. Increasing my anti-depressant has worked extremely well. Now, I feel somewhat normal. I’m scheduled to have lunch today with my auntie, whom I love. I got up this am, called my mama, played with Piper, showered and even put product in my hair and lotioned up.

Funny, how one bickering event changes a mood in mere seconds. Ok, breathe…breathe…10-9-8-7-6…ok, I’m cool. It’s too early for that.

I hurt my neck, shoulders and upper back across the top and base of my neck which is probably still considered my shoulders, whatever. I went to the doctor. He prescribed me steroids and recommends physical therapy. Ugh, more copays. I have to do whatever it takes to not hurt since my continued employment relies on it.

So, off to enjoy my Saturday lunch with my aunt. I’m going to try something different tomorrow, so be sure to check back!




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